Casino Vulkanbet: Login and Get Casino Bonuses

There is nothing strange about the popularity of online casinos nowadays, as it has lots of advantages for people. In the past, it was a necessity to go to landed casino institutions of you wanted to gamble and earn money for gambling. As we all know, at first, casinos were landed, and only then they start moving into online world.

One of the reasons for it was the fact that a lot of countries started forbidding casinos operating, as the governments of those countries think about it as about non-legal activity. So, the only way for the owners of such institutions was to move those institutions into virtual reality.

Also, playing on the Web is more comfortable that it is in landed casinos because if you play on the Internet, you only need a device that works good and can be connected to Wi-Fi. That is all so far. You do not need to go somewhere if you do not have a desire to go. Also, lots of people feel more comfortable being at home or any other place that is familiar and usual for them. So, it is clear why online gambling is so popular these days.

Sometimes, it can get harder to find a casino with which you would feel that real gambling pleasure, with which you would feel safe and could avoid worrying about security of your data. Today, we want to tell you about one such place, and it is named as Vulkanbet casino. We hope you are ready to discover things that give the casino the right to be considered as one of the leading platforms in this area.

Why to Become a Member of Vulkanbet Gambling Club?

Casino Vulkanbet is not only a place to play games, this is also a place to try yourself in setting bets on different kinds of sports and virtual games. So, as you can see, it is not 2 in 1, it is even 3 in 1, which is great for the customers, as all customers have different tastes and purposes. Everybody expects to get different things from the chosen portal.

So, let’s talk a bit about portal and point out its general information. So, this gambling platform was established in the year 2015 which is relatively recently. For this time, the platform managed to gather numerous countries from Canada, from England and from all countries of our big world.

The casino includes more than 1500 games provided by the leading software developers, such as Microgaming soft company and NetEnt soft company. Though, it is not the full listing of soft companies that provide Vulkanbet portal with the games. This listing is too long to put it here.

So, let’s start our review on all key moments of this casino, so you could understand why this one is worth our recommendation and your personal attention. Today, you are going to find out how to get bonuses, if you need promo codes, what sports are suitable for betting, what games can you play with Vulkanbet and much more.

Appearance, Interface and Navigation

If we said that the appearance does not play a significant role while picking a suitable casino to play in, we would be wrong because it does play a significant role. When you go the website (or any other website), the very first thing that you notice is how the site looks and how easy the navigation is.

We wanted to attach the picture (which we did) that would show you what home page of the website of Vulkanbet looks like. Home page does not display too much information, though, it is good. You can notice the palette of colors that the designers used. They decided to use purple tones combining in with white color mostly.

If to talk about the Vulkanbet’s logo, we should say that is consists of the platform’s name only. The word is designed in white color except the letter “A” which makes contrast, as it is designed with red color. The background of the whole page is performed in the form of sky and clouds.

On the background, you can notice a phrase “Get Your Game On” and 3 words “Esports. Casino. Sports.” that explain what specialties of online gambling and betting are present in Vulkanbet. Below, you are going to see turquoise button “Sign Up” and blue button “Login”.

If you scroll down, you will be able to notice 3 fields that are supposed to tell you why you should pick this portal. The first field tells about casino’s gaming experience. The second field tells about casino’ variety of game providers, and the last (the third) field tells about casino’s bonus promotions. You can get acquainted with those characteristics either on or on the attached picture.

If you scroll to the home page bottom, you will see that there is much useful information that may come in handy when it is the time when you need some answers. Those answers can touch banking methods, measures that are taken to protect you and other customers, language versions of the website and much more.

Compatible Devices for Gambling

Agree that all people are different no matter what we are talking about. We all are different in all things, because when one person prefers one thing, the other person absolutely does not like it. The same story happens when we are talking about gamblers and their preferences in devices for playing. Vulkanbet wants to satisfy all customers, so it is possible to use all devices.

  • If you are that person who is often (or always) on the run or you do not have a lot of time, you will probably find mobile gadgets the most suitable gadgets for gambling which is understandable. All you will have to do is to charge your device and have access to the browser and Wi-Fi. Plus, it is not even a necessity to download some mobile app, as it is possible to play directly from the browser which is standard in all devices.
  • If you are that person who finds computers and laptops more suitable for gambling, you can use those devices with no problems. Though, mostly, computers are perfect options when gambling activity can be practiced at home or place that let you feel comfortable, or place which is located not far from home because (as we all know), computers can be heavy for carrying.

Gaming Models Spectrum

Now let’s touch the topic about free games diapason that is available in the list of offers in Vulkanbet casino. Nowadays, the platform has more than 1500 games on the offer. Though, the administration ensures all visitors that this is not the end so far. They promise that the number of gaming models grows daily.

To make the games window opens, you will only need to press the button of category “Casino” and pick subcategory named “All Games”. This is how it works, and you do not have to pass any other steps to get to the diapason of gambling. When the window is opened, it is possible to notice that picking a game is possible in a couple ways.

The first way supposes knowing the exact name of the game that you are looking for. When you know the name, you can enter it in the presented search engine, so it could find it for you. The other way supposes choosing a game in the traditional way making use of presented game categories. You can click on one of the next (GC) game categories:

  • “Top List”;
  • “Recommended”;
  • “New”;
  • “Slots”;
  • “Roulettes”;
  • “Card Games”.

Also, you can pick a game not by its type or genre, but also by its provider. How does it work? Everything is simpler than it seems. You press the button “All Providers”, choose the needed one from the list, click on it and wait until all models of the chosen provider are shown. Among the list of developers, you can find the most popular and loved ones, such as Microgaming or NetEnt companies.

Sports Betting

We have mentioned already that this platform is not an online casino only, but also a place to set bets on sports and win money for this. To get to this window, you are going to press “Sports” button and choose subcategory “Lobby”. After this, you can observe the page and decide what you want to set bets on. You have next betting options (BO):

  • “All Games”;
  • “Socker”;
  • “Tennis”;
  • “Ice Hockey”;
  • “American Football”;
  • “MMA”;
  • “Basketball”;
  • “Baseball”;
  • “Boxing”;
  • “Handball”;
  • “Volleyball”;
  • “Beach Volley”;
  • “Futsal”;
  • “Snooker”.

Here, you can switch between sections “Upcoming Games”, “Outrights” and “Results”. Plus, it is possible to filter appearing betting options or make use of the presented search engine to look for the exact game/match.

Esports Betting

Of course, it is great when chosen platform is both fun-filled casino with exciting games and place to set sports games. We can call it a double pleasure. But what if we say that this pleasure can be tripled, not only doubled? Are you interested? We bet you are interested in what we are talking about.

The third entertainment art that can be provided in Vulkanbet is esports betting which stand for betting on players of a particular game.In our case, those games can be:

  • “Counter-Strike”;
  • “League of Legends”;
  • “Hearthstone”;
  • “Starcraft II”;
  • “Dota 2”;
  • “Overwatch”;
  • “Battlegrounds”;
  • “Fortnite”;
  • “Starcraft I”.

Of course, those options of games for betting can vary, and when you go to, you may see the other categories presented. Well, that’s okay. You never know what games are ready to accept bets. The administration takes care of it. Check the official website pages and be aware of the latest updates.

Diapason of Available Promotions

Let’s start with the well-known fact that all gamblers want to know about promotions as much as possible, including how to get free spins, what welcome packages are available, if there is no deposit bonus or no, if they have to use any bonus code or not and much more.

The portal offers you to take a welcome package of bonuses that can let you receive up to 600 euros (€) in result. What exactly do you need to do to get this package? Take a look at the picture describe below. There, you can see all requirements, including minimum/maximum amount of depositing, amount of money that you can get for each depositing, time for bonus expiring and so on.

To be honest, the casino has a couple welcome bonus packages. If earlier, we were talking about welcome bonus for casino games, the welcome bonus that we are going to talk about now touches the department of Esports of Vulkanbet. The attached picture shows you requirements of getting Vulkanbet Esports welcome package. Here, you can see that you must use promo codeESWELCOME” and you can get acquainted with the other terms of getting this pack.

Center of Clients Support

To get help, you can choose one out of two ways. The first way supposes finding the answer yourself by checking “Frequently Asked Questions”. Though, you do not even have click on any buttons to open FAQ. It is situated on the home page. The only thing that you should do is to surf the home page. FAQ consists of 4 sections, such as “Your Vulkanbet”, “Payments”, “Games” and “Offers”.

If you want to get help from the staff, you can click on the icon of live chat that is shown in the right upper corner. A tab with live chat opens automatically. To get help, you will have to leave your name, leave your email and choose a department for you question. Those departments are named as “Registration”, “Payments”, “Bonuses & Promotions”, “Logging in” and “Other”. Choose your department and start the chat.

Banking Options

Vulkanbet wants to satisfy all customers and meet their wishes that touch the question of banking options. This is that reason that lead the administration and the owners of this portal to starting cooperation with lots of banking institutions, those they all are qualitative and reliable.

The full listing of options can be observed at the bottom of the page. There is a line that moves and displays all banking methods in course. You can see that line on We just want to say that banking options (BO), such as BO Visa, BO Mastercard, BO Neteller, BO Skrill (former Moneybookers) and many others are included.

Policy of Privacy and Security

To protect the users’ personal information, the casino uses the latest version of SSL-protocol the main aim of which is to encrypt all shared information and to make it invisible for all visitors except the casino staff. No matter where you are from, if it is Australia or New Zealand, or any other residence place, do not worry. Everybody is protected the same way.

The website of Vulkanbet also uses the technology of cookies which are small letters/pieces of files that are being put into the device that you use for gambling. Those information pieces are aimed at distinguishing your information from information of the other customers.

All security measures that were taken can be observed if you go to the page’s bottom and click on the fast link named as “Privacy Policy”. Be sure, this way is the best way to get accurate information on what details of your personal data are used and what the casino dose to prevent fraud attacks and to keep that personal data safe.

Vulkanbet Casino Conclusion

To make the process of putting the thoughts together easier for you and to help you with making a decision, we are going to write a brief conclusion on the casino named as Vulkanbet which is counted as one of the best platforms on the Internet in the year 2021.

Earlier, we have mentioned that Vulkanbet is not only a casino where you can play slots or table games, it is also a portal where you can set sports bets and esports bets. So, we can call Vulkanbet as 3 in 1 platform.

If to talk about the first department of this platform (casino games), we should mention that the leading software developers provide this gambling portal with the gaming models. Those developers are NetEnt, Microgaming and many others. The range of these models are more than 1500 items.

For new customers, there are welcome packages of bonuses. Welcome package for casino gaming can bring you up to 600 euros. Welcome package for esports department can bring you up to 60 euros if you use promo codes “ESWELCOME”.

To find out what security measures are taken, you can go to “Privacy Policy” category on Among those measures, you can find cookie policy, SSL-protocol using and many others. In case of emergency, it is possible to get help surfing FAQ or contacting the administration through live chat.

Playing on Vulkanbet can bring you a lot of pleasure and satisfy your gambling needs as well. The most important thing that you must remember is that gambling can become addictive, so it makes sense to pay attention to the section “Responsible Gaming”, get acquainted with it and control your gaming time. This is the way how gambling can be profitable and healthy. We wish you luck!

Post by Josef Machač & Aksel K. Toft